The topic for this blog was alone a motivation to run my fingers, bare my soul and say everything that can suffice to add to the beauty Bhopal.Well for this place i would say, It’s the urge to get away from our mundane lifestyle and explore everything that this city has to offer. I am a gwaliorite by birth but having spent 4 years of my life in this city always makes me feel, BHOPALI – Dil se <3,well  yes that is the vibe of the city.

The place is a beauty in itself ! Serene, simple, positive.And when its monsoon ,the place and the feel is a sight to sore eyes.The untold charm of wind when it rushes through the trees,and the cool it carries with it makes it just more than a city of lakes.

Let’s take a look at the must visit places of the city.


The highlight of the city and a treasure off course is the BhojtalSpread over a length of 31.5 Km the lake seems to have no bounds at a glance.



  • Boat club
  • Water sports
  • CCD,Lakeview
  • Wind and waves
  • Ranjeet, lakeview

VIP Road

If you are up for a drive VIP ROAD is the place for you..For this place i would say,accelerate your vehicles and reach to the place.Happiness is to be found on such roads.It reveals all the beauty that covers Bhopal and is definitely not meant to be concealed.

Kaliasot Dam

Next getaway of the city in my priority list would be Kaliasot Dam and the roads that take you to the place.Happiness is to be found away from the main road,in obscure,unrevealed places.If you are high on roadtrip dosage ,this place has a lot to offer.

On your visit to the dam,relish a Bhutta along with some hot tea as you admire its splendour. There is this little island kinda of a  place where you can sit by and enjoy the beauty of the place.

Kerva Dam

The city is not confined to these spots, Kerva Dam is yet another place that adds to the beauty of Bhopal.So if you are looking for a hideout on the outskirts of the city,this place is definitely for you.This place makes a perfect tourist destination,because of its enchanting panorama. It offers a plethora of activities for all those who are seeking some adventure.



  • Bird watching,sightseeing :Varied species of resident and migratory birds
  • Paintball,Rappelling and River Crossing
  • Paddle Boating
  • Local cuisines such as Dal Bafle.
  • Touchwood Resort

Kolar Dam

Do not forget to make this Dam a significant part of your places to visit in Bhopal wish list.The journey to this place is more beautiful than the destination itself.The enticing panorama around the Dam mesmerizes all its visitors.

The experience of exploring the place and staying in the close proximity of the place is mind blowing.The place is a treat to watch.

Manuabhan Tekri

There’s this popular jain mandir in Bhopal, which is so much more than a mandir. The scenic beauty of this place allures most of the visitors.The view from the top of this place makes it a must visit.



So if you are planning to have a ride on the outskirts of Bhopal,this is definitely one place for you.It makes its way through villages which surely gives a nostalgic feel from childhood.On reaching the destination this giant Shiva idol and the river is more than a treat to watch.

I hope this article helps you choosing your pick from the must visit places of the city.Thank you for reading and helping us grow.

Any recommendations are always welcome.



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